On June 18, LA Tech is hosting a min Tri. It’s the Dog Paddle, Pedal & Pound Triathlon. When I first heard of it I thought it was for kids only, but in talking to some of the people that are over it, I found out it’s also an adult friendly beginner’s course! So not only am I entering my boys, (6 & 9), I am going to enter it as well. Scott and Conner are planning on entering too!

For the 16 and older (that’s us!) it’s a 200m swim, 5 mile bike & 2K run. What a great way to practice and get our feet wet! (& work on transition times!)

Tonya, if you happen to be over this way that weekend we would love for you to come join us! Gwen, it would be great for you to come over as well! After doing the Rocketchix in Baton Rouge I can honestly say having a tri (even a mini) under your belt before the River Cities Tri gets here would be great! It would be great practice!

Tonight is swim night! We have had 3 lessons and our lovely swim coach is out for the summer…. But even in 3 lessons I have learned SO much! Now to build up endurance in my lungs and become faster. It will come. I just want it NOW! LOL! Scott is doing SO much better, he is working on slowing down a little more and relaxing…..to which I have suggested yoga (even have a Yoga DVD for athletes) but he is still holding out. If I can get up Thursday morning I hope to go to the class at Tech.

We only ran twice last week. I am still starting out strong but am struggling at the end….and we have officially welcomed the humidity to Ruston. That’s good though because I keep thinking about the Tri in August! Oh my. LOL!

I plan on biking on Wednesday night with a group of girlfriends. We are all different levels but it should be a good ride. We will head down Hwy 167 toward Quitman, LA.

Scott and I are looking at the Insanity nutritional guide, hoping we can start to eat even healthier and not crash in the afternoons. (like right now!) I am waiting on the cleaning fairy and the chef fairy to appear so I can have a clean house and eat healthy meals! 😉 Oh well….it’s nice to dream anyway.

Let’s go team!! We WILL do this! 🙂


As I mentioned in my previous post, my training has slowed down considerably.

I am still keeping up my runs, at least 30 minutes of running each time, twice a week. I’ve spent more time on the bike but not necessarily outside. My last outdoor bike ride was 15 miles along the Red River during the first weekend in May. And my swimming…. well… I haven’t been in the pool in weeks.

I did, however, spend this previous weekend at a yoga retreat.

I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed lately so, quite honestly, triathlon training has been last on my list. I think I fall into this stalemate when I run completely out of motivation and/or when life seems to be running ahead of me. That’s when I really need yoga.

It felt nice to get my Om on amongst the beautiful serenity of East Texas pines.

My body feels stronger. My mind feels more rested.

So this morning, I went out for a run.

Tomorrow, I’ll be swimming again.

And my training schedule will pick up where it left off. Thank you to Tammy for reminding me that our goal is coming up faster than I thought.

I will also be looking into the White Rock Racing schedule for a duathlon (run, bike, run). I’m planning on the Blazing Saddles du for sure! I am also planning on attending an open water swim clinic on Sunday, June 5.

Scott & Tammy, let me know if you’re able to make the brick workout at Cypress on June 11.

Go Team GO!

I began week 7 of Couch to 5K this morning. All three runs in week 7 are 25 minutes of continuous running. Next week, all 3 runs are 28 minutes of continuous running. The following weekend is the Parkinson’s Power 5K in Shreveport.

Last week’s long run was a little tough but this morning’s run just about killed me.  That’s when I realized…

All of the problems or times when I’ve had difficulty training are caused by 1 of 3 things.

I started to think of them as their own “triathlon” of training and recovery:

  1. Sleep/Rest – Muscles need rest from hard workouts so they don’t break down. I also need to remember to get good sleep to be at my best during training. I only slept for 6 hours last night and I need at least 8. Ironically, on the nights before a tri, I can’t sleep but I run on adrenaline the next day for sure!
  2. Stretching/Yoga – Since my yoga routine has been slacking lately, I’ve noticed my muscles feeling tired and sore long after a run. If I incorporate a few yoga poses or some stretching both before and after a run or workout, I feel great and recover faster. I’ve made it part of my training from here out to make sure I stretch and take at least 2 yoga classes a week.
  3. Nutrition – As Tammy mentioned in her last post,  nutrition and healthier eating habits DEFINITELY contribute to a quicker pace and more alert athlete. I have suffered from eating too many carbohydrates and not enough protein and vice versa. I try to keep in mind what makes me stronger and helps my body to maintain that strength during these endurance exercises.  I’d definitely suggest a food diary to monitor what you ate and how it made you feel.

I think during training and during races we have good days and bad days. But I like to know what I can do to have fewer bad days and make my good days rock even more!

On another note, I joined a gym again to begin my swim training. I’ve also hired a coach for 3 weeks to ramp up my swimming efficiency/technique. Yikes. I haven’t been in the pool since last summer. I hope to get to the pool sometime this week to assess the damage.

Good luck ya’ll!

You know, I got your text about your post just as I was finishing my upper body workout. Tammy and I are sorry we haven’t posted in a while, but a little excursion to Puerto Rico got in the way. 😉

Tonight we get back on Couch to 5K. We started week 4 before going to Puerto Rico but we both agree that we need to start the week over after our hiatus. I do remember that those long 5 minute runs were hurting me so I’m sure tonight will not be fun.

In addition to the running, I have added P90X to my routine. I’ve had the program for a couple of years and I’ve started it several times (the furtherest I’ve completed is stage 2) but travel always seems to have gotten in the way of completing it. I really enjoy the program and have always found it challenging. Yesterday I did an hour of cardio (Cardio X for those in the know) and today was shoulders and arms. Tomorrow is Yoga X. An hour and a half of brutal but very satisfying yoga.

Sorry we have been absent, but rest assured, we are still working and looking forward to August.

I completed week 3, day 3 of the couch-to-5K training program last night.

I can tell that I’ve not been doing enough yoga. Ironically, it was yoga that allowed me to lose the 50-60 lbs of extra weight I carried for many years. During my heaviest, I was running up to 15 miles a week and lifting weights nearly every day. I was fit and strong, yes. However I had no stamina and didn’t feel well most of the time. Once I began to be gentle on my body with yoga, a healthier food intake and no running, the weight practically fell off.

This is why I believe that not every exercise program works for everyone. Every body has it’s own constitution and may or may not respond to certain activities.

Since I’ve been running, and not focusing on yoga or cycling or swimming, I haven’t felt strong at all and in fact, haven’t lost my normal winter weight gain at all. My left knee has been giving me fits as well. I know, with my body, that knee issues tend to start either in the ankle or the hip joint. I generally am nurturing those joints with yoga.

Today I started the day with my first Core Fusion strength workout, focusing on upper body and abs. I have had weak abs for a few years now due to an elective abdominal surgery. Weak abs are also contributing to my lack of strength and stamina.

At the end of the workout, in this moment, I feel stronger and healthier. My abdomen muscles responded and have been more responsive for the first time in a very long while. I know that a strong core will help with cycling and swimming, for sure.

The workout also included brief (and too short!) yoga stretching. I could really feel the stiffness in my leg hip joint, again more than likely the reason I’ve been feeling the pain in my knee.

Note to self: Continue to work on strength training, building that core, incorporating more yoga and plan on getting back to swimming in the next month.

Hope ya’ll’s training is helping you to feel stronger and that you’re listening when your body’s trying to tell you something.