It’s Saturday morning and I should be doing something athletic.

I don’t wanna!!!

This is why I get so envious of the fact that you guys (Tammy & Scott) have each other to motivate for training.


I did, however, just change the tire on my bike for the first time ever. It was a very “YAY ME!” moment because I’ve known how to do it, but have never actually done it. I learned some things. And now my bike is cleaned, pumped and waiting patiently by my back door.

I will go ride. I will.



I also have plans to meet with a triathlon training group tomorrow for an open water swim. Uggggg….. I’m so scared. I haven’t spent enough time in the pool this year to believe I’m ready for open water yet. Because I don’t have anyone to motivate me, there is a devil on my shoulder saying, “You don’t HAVE to go, ya know…”

Oh but I do, don’t I? My goal is to beat my own time, isn’t it? That means I have to go. Period.



I also found this great article with swim tips for beginners.

I hope your training is moving along better than mine. We’re almost there! 2 months to go!


This past week’s training:

2 mile run on Monday

Swimming on Tuesday

3 mile run on Thursday

Strength training/yoga on Thursday night


You know, I got your text about your post just as I was finishing my upper body workout. Tammy and I are sorry we haven’t posted in a while, but a little excursion to Puerto Rico got in the way. 😉

Tonight we get back on Couch to 5K. We started week 4 before going to Puerto Rico but we both agree that we need to start the week over after our hiatus. I do remember that those long 5 minute runs were hurting me so I’m sure tonight will not be fun.

In addition to the running, I have added P90X to my routine. I’ve had the program for a couple of years and I’ve started it several times (the furtherest I’ve completed is stage 2) but travel always seems to have gotten in the way of completing it. I really enjoy the program and have always found it challenging. Yesterday I did an hour of cardio (Cardio X for those in the know) and today was shoulders and arms. Tomorrow is Yoga X. An hour and a half of brutal but very satisfying yoga.

Sorry we have been absent, but rest assured, we are still working and looking forward to August.

As mentioned previously, I finally got my hands on the Core Fusion videos for strength training. I’ve been focusing on upper body and core strength. Even though during the ab workout, there are all sorts of expletives popping into my brain and out of my mouth, I think it’s worth sticking to it. I really believe a strong center will propel me through the rest of the triathlon disciplines.

I enjoy that Core Fusion ‘s built on principles of Pilates and Yoga and exhausts the muscles quickly with little rest time during short powerful workouts. I would like to gradually incorporate the other CF videos – Lean and Toned and Body Sculpt – into my training at some point.


As of last night, I have finished week 4, run 2 of my couch-to-5K training. These runs consist of 2 3-min runs, 2 5-min runs, and 1.5 minutes of walking in between each.


I often wonder, when I’m running, what it would be like to have an actual running partner. I wonder if I would feel more inspired, more motivated, less… miserable.  Then I realized I already have a running partner that pushes me. My dog. She’s still a puppy and doesn’t have the whole walking-on-a-leash thing down yet. She’s getting better though. When we’re running, she’s less apt to take off after the random cyclist or other runner on the trail. It’s only the occasional squirrel, mockingbird, or dog running along a fence that puts us both off course for a second or two.

Last night, during the final 5-min run, we actually hit THE ZONE.

I remember finding this magical place during other training. Like on the bike. Or in the pool. The “zone” seems to be this moment when you realize, “Hey, I got this. My body finally understands what I’m asking it to do!”

It’s almost like an athletic g-spot, if you’ll pardon the expression.

In the zone it no longer feels like a struggle. I no longer feel like I have to “train” my body or think about it. In the zone, it just is. I feel lighter, stronger, and move with ease. Even the dog was running along RIGHT NEXT TO ME. She looked up at me, tongue flapping, ears flying and seemed to say, “Look at us FLY!”

It was fun while it lasted.


Here’s to finding that magical spot every time!

I completed week 3, day 3 of the couch-to-5K training program last night.

I can tell that I’ve not been doing enough yoga. Ironically, it was yoga that allowed me to lose the 50-60 lbs of extra weight I carried for many years. During my heaviest, I was running up to 15 miles a week and lifting weights nearly every day. I was fit and strong, yes. However I had no stamina and didn’t feel well most of the time. Once I began to be gentle on my body with yoga, a healthier food intake and no running, the weight practically fell off.

This is why I believe that not every exercise program works for everyone. Every body has it’s own constitution and may or may not respond to certain activities.

Since I’ve been running, and not focusing on yoga or cycling or swimming, I haven’t felt strong at all and in fact, haven’t lost my normal winter weight gain at all. My left knee has been giving me fits as well. I know, with my body, that knee issues tend to start either in the ankle or the hip joint. I generally am nurturing those joints with yoga.

Today I started the day with my first Core Fusion strength workout, focusing on upper body and abs. I have had weak abs for a few years now due to an elective abdominal surgery. Weak abs are also contributing to my lack of strength and stamina.

At the end of the workout, in this moment, I feel stronger and healthier. My abdomen muscles responded and have been more responsive for the first time in a very long while. I know that a strong core will help with cycling and swimming, for sure.

The workout also included brief (and too short!) yoga stretching. I could really feel the stiffness in my leg hip joint, again more than likely the reason I’ve been feeling the pain in my knee.

Note to self: Continue to work on strength training, building that core, incorporating more yoga and plan on getting back to swimming in the next month.

Hope ya’ll’s training is helping you to feel stronger and that you’re listening when your body’s trying to tell you something.

Ordered Core Fusion videos to help with strength training. They should be in this week. I like the idea of short but powerful strength workouts. It’ll be better for my schedule.

Because core strength rocks the tri!

Today’s Training:

Skipped Week 1, 3rd run of couch-to-5k because I felt like being lazy instead. 🙂

Started Week 2, 1st run this morning. Slow start but then felt great. I downloaded a c-5K app for my iPod Touch and used that to direct me. It made it much more fun to have someone tell me what to do instead of checking my watch.

Followed with 15 minutes of yoga and arm reps with light weights.

So last night I completed Week 1, Day 2 of Couch to 5K. During my runs I was keeping up a 8 min/mile pace and I felt really good. This morning I continued with my strength training by doing some upper body work: bench press, lat pulls, shoulder press and rows. Man, my arms hurt.

Tonight, Tammy and I are doing the second circuit of the 15 Minute to Warrior Fit routine. I should be suitably sore tomorrow.

Good luck girls.