Much to our disappointment, Scott and I had to pull out of the River Cities Tri. We just were not physically ready to take that on after not having worked out in two months. We went on a 20 mile bike ride the day before the tri and I got sick, not eating healthy will do that to you, and was worn down till the following Monday. It really showed me how much I had lost by not working out for 2 months.

Watching Tonya start and finish each event was so inspiring and got us excited for next year….Scott was looking for a tri for us to do in the fall even before we left Cypress Lake! We are SO proud of Tonya! She was happy throughout the entire event and an encouragement to all! I can’t wait to race with her next year!

So after returning from the tri we were really pumped but knew we needed to start out slowly with our workouts and needed to start eating healthier. I have once again quit drinking Diet Coke. I still LOVE Diet Coke but don’t have a taste for it right now….get back with me in the winter tho….it pairs so well with Crown.  hehe

Anyway…..I do feel better by not drinking it and in turn it makes me want to exercise more. We have been riding on Saturdays with our group and it has been a blast. We do at least 20-30 miles each Saturday, with the group doing 40 miles last weekend but Scott’s knee was really bothering him so we turned around at 16.5 miles. I ordered Rock Tape for Scott after you sent the link, Tonya! So hopefully it will help out.

On Tuesday nights we are taking a spin class. It is one hour of pure HELL. We are taking it at my church so I can just give the instructor go to hell looks and nothing else. I truly do NOT like spin. I am working on eating properly on spin days so I don’t pass out. Yes, I have seen black spots (twice in one class) in my peripheral vision and just barely brought myself out of it. That night after class I laid down on the floor for a good 5 minutes. It takes me an entire day to recover. BUT…..on a higher note… is helping me out with my cycling. So I am going to stick with it and go on Thursday nights when they offer it in the winter.

My son, Triston, has joined his schools cross country team so this is propelling us to get out and run again! We have started the couch to 5K program again with my boys and Scott’s kids when they are at his house! I like running with Andrew (6) because we can run slow. Hehe. But I step up to the plate and TRY to keep up with Scott and his LONG legs when the boys head to the house.

I am ready to find some time to add swimming back into the mix. I truly miss it. It’s my favorite 30 minutes in a day. Of course school is going to start back for me next Friday, and it’s going to be tough to work out but I don’t want to lose any that has been gained in the last month.

Tomorrow we are going on a 30 mile ride with our group. There will be some “few long, sustaining hills” as our group leader put it, along with wind gusts, as Tropical Storm Lee rides in to visit us. So wish us luck! We will need it!! 


I just found the race results! 🙂

Triston came in 8th overall in the boys 7-10 age group with a time of 26:17

I came in 5th in the female’s with a time of 46:04 (A 60 year old lady beat me by 9:03 min)

Scott came in 14th overall in the male division with a time of 45:13….. 91 seconds ahead of me….I am still shaking my head on that one….

So proud of all of us! 😀

I am sad to say that the training hasn’t been going so well… as in its been non-existence for the last 3 weeks. Scott has been traveling a lot and I am taking a 3 week music appreciation class and a 12 week management class and it has me snowed under. But, with that said…the 3 week class is almost over and it’s time to start back with the program. I don’t even want to think of how little time we have before August 7!

Even though we haven’t been training, my boys and I participated in the Dog Paddle Tri here in Ruston last Saturday. The night before the event Scott and Conner decided to enter as well! I was glad. I was hoping that Scott would do it just to get a taste of how a tri works. I was able to help the boys in transition and by the time it was my turn, I was a little pooped.

Andrew won 2nd place in his age group (5-6).  Scott, Triston & I finished but I don’t know what place. (Conner got sick on the bike portion but he said he wants to actually train for another tri!) I had a personal best in the pool….4:48 for 200m! I was pumped because when I was training I never could break the 5:35 time. As I was about to mount my bike, I heard yelling…and not the good kind…it was “your chain is off!” So I had to fix my chain and then head out. This cost me some time. The hills killed me. I have to just go out and practice riding up and down hills. By the time the run came around, I was beat. And this was just a 1 mile run. I walked 3 ½ of the 4 laps. I never could catch my breath.

Now I need to insert here that the temp was around 100 and heat index was around 104 that day. I was able to run in to the finish line and I was very thankful to be done! Scott came in not long after I did. Neither one of us were able to catch our breath on the run. It was sweltering! I thought for sure that I had beat him this time….but no….he beat me by a minute or so….the same amount of time it took me to put my chain back on!

So yesterday evening I went to the track with a girlfriend and we walked 2 miles with running the straights near the end, and then walked the stairs 7 times. My shins are cussing me today. But it felt GREAT to do something again. Just what I needed to jump start me. Next week it’s back to the grind! I don’t feel like I will be totally prepared for River Cities but I am looking forward to having fun!

Congrats to us ALL for running AND placing in our age groups! YEA!! It was such a beautiful (although a little chilly) day for a run and I am so proud of ALL of us for doing it! I think I am still on cloud 9! 😀 Check out the results!

(Insert from Tonya: Congrats to YOU, Tammy, for placing first in your age group!)

Congrats to Tonya & Billy for running the entire 5K!! Scott and I beat our time by 5 minutes and we still had to walk a little. I will be glad when we are well and are able to really see what we can do! Ian did great for his first race and hopefully he will continue running!

Scott and I along with two other friends went on a 6 mile bike ride yesterday…complete with mountains….yes, they were mountains, not hills….of this I am positive. Katy (who has 2 Triathlon Sprint’s under her belt) and Kalee (a newbie to riding) were on a road bike and a hybrid bike and they made biking look like they were gliding along glass. Scott and I were huffing and puffing, bouncing all over the place on our mountain bikes. I couldn’t get my gears to change half of the time and the borrowed bike Scott was on may have been just be a bit short for him. As Scott put it, it was yet another wake up call for us. I like to think of it as double the work out on a mountain bike…..and maybe when we get road bikes we will feel like we are on glass too. 😉 I also want padded bike shorts….it’s a must.

I have also signed up for a Tri Sprint Short in Baton Rouge on May 1! Yikes! Only 2 weeks to really ride and swim. It’s an all girl Tri and there are 4 of us doing it. Check it out at Once again…my goal is to finish!

Tonya, it was so nice to finally meet you and I look forward to coming to Dallas to do a run or a bike ride! Let us know what you find!

Last Saturday Scott and I completed our first 5K! Now, it was not your normal 5K……, it was a Cross Country 5K. The terrain was brutal but we finished it! We both came in at 40:?? (I could only see 40 minutes as I panted past the time clock). If it hadn’t been for the rough terrain (causing leg cramps) Scott would have finished way ahead of me. We finished 59th & 60th but we weren’t the last to finish! (thankfully). It was good for both of us to see where we are and how much farther we need to go before August 7th! We both hope to improve our time this week at the Parkinson’s Power 5K with Tonya!

We also started swimming this week. WOW. What a workout!

Now to learn a new way to breathe…and just when I was getting my breathing down for running!

We swam 5 – 30m laps with a little rest in between. I have no idea how I am going to swim a 1/2 mile in open water. I was exhausted on the last (few) laps! I was also all over the pool (having broke the strap on my goggles before getting in the pool I was swimming blind) and ran into Scott a few times. Opps!

We are swimming again tonight and will be working on kicking and breathing. I discovered just how uncoordinated I am!

Last night I took my boys to the park and finished week 7 day 3 of Couch to 5K. I was slow but I ran the entire 25 minutes (not sure of the distance) with out stopping! I was SO excited and amazed that I could do that. C25K really does work! It was mostly a flat run but hills will be added on Thursday night’s run, so we will see how it goes then.

Biking is the next step. A neighbor let Scott borrow his bike this week and we are thinking about riding in The Tour of Piney Hills, 10 mile ride on May 7th. I am looking forward to biking. I do believe it will be my favorite out of everything.

Hello all,

Tammy and I tackled a new path during our run this morning. Typically, we run at the LA Tech track or a jog path at one of the local parks; today we took off from our apartments and ran the road. The path is two miles but has some major hills. Overall, I’m very pleased with our results. We ended up walking a little at the halfway point, right after one of the big hills, and then ran most of the rest. We are going to hit it again tomorrow morning as well.

As I mentioned in my Facebook post, I have been fighting severe shin splints for several weeks now. In the past during our cool down I would start to experience terrible pain about midway down my lower leg and right behind my tibia (the main bone of your lower leg). By the time we would finish our cool down walk and get to the car I could barely walk. I would ice my legs when we got home to ease the pain, but I never could really recover. One of Tammy’s colleagues mentioned shin sleeves as a possible solution so we went to Academy this weekend and I bought a set. Let me tell you, the difference is unbelievable. Today I felt no pain or tightness at all. I am very excited.

Here’s a link to the sleeves I bought.

Oh, BTW, we are set to “run” our first 5K this weekend.

OK, we are registered for the River Cities. Whoohoo. And we are running 3 5Ks in the next 4 weeks. Ugh.

Tonight we finish Couch to 5K Week 5. Hope y’all are doing well with the training.