Today, I did a triathlon.

This morning I did a 30 minute interval workout on the bike (inside on the trainer). Then I went out for a run. This evening after work, I went to the gym to meet a swim coach and swam for 45 minutes.

All 3 disciplines in one day. That counts, right?  😉


After waking this morning, I drank 1/2 a smoothie. This is usually what I have before I run. Then, after the run, I have some sort of protein like an egg sandwich or hard boiled egg with the rest of my smoothie. I don’t know why I thought a 1/2 a smoothie would sustain me today for my first brick workout.

Brick: cycling followed by running.

I thought for certain it’d be no big deal to add 30 more minutes to a morning workout on the same nutrition. Boy was I wrong! By mile 2 of my run, I was done. Kaput. Finito. Bonk.

Note to self: Ya may want to have more food and also? It’s practically boiling outside so you may want to hydrate first too.


On another note, this new swim coach that I met with tonight heads up the aquatics department of my gym. She’s a swim fanatic and lives in a bathing suit 14 hours a day. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was sort of afraid.

I’ve been in a panic about this swim thing for a while now. I’m not sure why I’m so terrified of the open water swim in the tri but I’m going to break it down. I have to push through it. I will get control of this. And my new swim coach is going to make sure of it!

She’s awesome. She’s helping me to improve my newly attempted bi-lateral breathing technique. She’s helping with the form of my stroke – which she said looked great! (Yay!) She’s also very positive and uplifting. (She normally teaches children.) I’m thrilled. I can’t wait to see what improvements I make under her instruction.

I’ve also been invited to an open water swim tomorrow evening on a lake nearby. I skipped out on the last one I mentioned due to pure fear. This time, with a little more pool time under my belt and a hearty “You can do this!” from Kelly my new swim coach, I’m going to do it. How else will I get past the open water panic? How else will I beat that battle and find that muscle memory and zen breathing while swimming? How else will I rock that tri?!

Feel the fear and do it anyway!


This week’s training:

Monday: 2.5 mile run

Tuesday: 25 minutes in the pool, training with props, 600 meters or so

Thursday: 30 min interval training on bike, 2 mile run, 45 minutes in pool, 400 meters or so

Friday: planned open water swim

Saturday: planned bike ride or upper body strength training by kayaking


(What up with my training buddies? How are things going?)


On June 18, LA Tech is hosting a min Tri. It’s the Dog Paddle, Pedal & Pound Triathlon. When I first heard of it I thought it was for kids only, but in talking to some of the people that are over it, I found out it’s also an adult friendly beginner’s course! So not only am I entering my boys, (6 & 9), I am going to enter it as well. Scott and Conner are planning on entering too!

For the 16 and older (that’s us!) it’s a 200m swim, 5 mile bike & 2K run. What a great way to practice and get our feet wet! (& work on transition times!)

Tonya, if you happen to be over this way that weekend we would love for you to come join us! Gwen, it would be great for you to come over as well! After doing the Rocketchix in Baton Rouge I can honestly say having a tri (even a mini) under your belt before the River Cities Tri gets here would be great! It would be great practice!

Tonight is swim night! We have had 3 lessons and our lovely swim coach is out for the summer…. But even in 3 lessons I have learned SO much! Now to build up endurance in my lungs and become faster. It will come. I just want it NOW! LOL! Scott is doing SO much better, he is working on slowing down a little more and relaxing… which I have suggested yoga (even have a Yoga DVD for athletes) but he is still holding out. If I can get up Thursday morning I hope to go to the class at Tech.

We only ran twice last week. I am still starting out strong but am struggling at the end….and we have officially welcomed the humidity to Ruston. That’s good though because I keep thinking about the Tri in August! Oh my. LOL!

I plan on biking on Wednesday night with a group of girlfriends. We are all different levels but it should be a good ride. We will head down Hwy 167 toward Quitman, LA.

Scott and I are looking at the Insanity nutritional guide, hoping we can start to eat even healthier and not crash in the afternoons. (like right now!) I am waiting on the cleaning fairy and the chef fairy to appear so I can have a clean house and eat healthy meals! 😉 Oh well….it’s nice to dream anyway.

Let’s go team!! We WILL do this! 🙂

I began week 7 of Couch to 5K this morning. All three runs in week 7 are 25 minutes of continuous running. Next week, all 3 runs are 28 minutes of continuous running. The following weekend is the Parkinson’s Power 5K in Shreveport.

Last week’s long run was a little tough but this morning’s run just about killed me.  That’s when I realized…

All of the problems or times when I’ve had difficulty training are caused by 1 of 3 things.

I started to think of them as their own “triathlon” of training and recovery:

  1. Sleep/Rest – Muscles need rest from hard workouts so they don’t break down. I also need to remember to get good sleep to be at my best during training. I only slept for 6 hours last night and I need at least 8. Ironically, on the nights before a tri, I can’t sleep but I run on adrenaline the next day for sure!
  2. Stretching/Yoga – Since my yoga routine has been slacking lately, I’ve noticed my muscles feeling tired and sore long after a run. If I incorporate a few yoga poses or some stretching both before and after a run or workout, I feel great and recover faster. I’ve made it part of my training from here out to make sure I stretch and take at least 2 yoga classes a week.
  3. Nutrition – As Tammy mentioned in her last post,  nutrition and healthier eating habits DEFINITELY contribute to a quicker pace and more alert athlete. I have suffered from eating too many carbohydrates and not enough protein and vice versa. I try to keep in mind what makes me stronger and helps my body to maintain that strength during these endurance exercises.  I’d definitely suggest a food diary to monitor what you ate and how it made you feel.

I think during training and during races we have good days and bad days. But I like to know what I can do to have fewer bad days and make my good days rock even more!

On another note, I joined a gym again to begin my swim training. I’ve also hired a coach for 3 weeks to ramp up my swimming efficiency/technique. Yikes. I haven’t been in the pool since last summer. I hope to get to the pool sometime this week to assess the damage.

Good luck ya’ll!

Without the Couch to 5K program I don’t believe I would ever be where I am today with running. I am at a much slower pace than Scott, but I am controlling my breathing (which is still hard going up the hills!) and steady. I am so proud of us both! I am so very glad we were able to find the shin sleeves for Scott. For him to be able to run and not be in pain was so exciting. Gwen, you will not believe how much they will help you!

Normally we run in the evenings but we have changed up our schedule so we can incorporate swimming into our training. Whereas I can swim….I have never really swam with a purpose. This should prove to be entertaining for anyone watching. I am sure my boys will be able to teach me a thing or two… 🙂

Scott and I were talking this morning about healthy eating and how we should be eating. Tonya, if you have any menu suggestions please send them our way!

The other day Tonya had some comments about nutrition. I mentioned in my last post that my eating habits are not the greatest but I have been taking great pains to watch my nutrition and even track what I am eating. To do this effectively I use a tool called Daily Burn ( The site has tools that allow you to set intake goals and then track them by inputting what you eat. It sounds like a pain but it’s really not. Since I eat a lot of the same foods daily, I have those in my favorites and I just add them as I eat them. I can quickly see how many calories I’ve eaten during a day and how they are broken out (proteins, carbs, fats, etc).

The site has a free membership that allows you to do almost everything except add foods to their database. They also have an iPhone app.

Anyway, I thought y’all might be interested in it.

I’ve managed to squeeze in a morning run before work now.

The problem is: I’m very weak in the mornings.

I recall that nutrition seems to determine my fitness levels on any given day. My body tends to crave protein more than carbohydrates. When I participated in the MS 150 bike ride last year, my first day was cut short (60 miles vs. 86) due to nutritional issues. As much as I’d like to listen to what others eat or drink to maintain strength and stamina, nothing screams louder than a belly full of too much sugar.  Day 2 of the ride, I focused more on protein with few carbs and found that I was much stronger in the final 74 miles of the ride.

Apparently in the morning before my run, I need to do the same. When I ran on Sunday morning, I started my day with chocolate milk and buttered toast. I had a great run with lots of energy to spare. This morning I started with a boiled egg and some water and felt weak. It’s probably better to have my carbohydrates first, run and then refuel with protein.

Live and learn.

Today’s training:

Day 2 of couch-to-5K

5 mins brisk walk, 1.5 min runs alternating with 2 min walking for 20 mins, cool down with 5 min brisk walk.

Also planning on yoga later this evening before bed.