Hi All! It’s a little late in the game but I wanted to introduce myself! My name is TammyM and this is my FIRST triathlon sprint! I have run a few 5K’s in the past and enjoyed them but haven’t kept up with the training. I am enjoying using the Couch to 5K program and each week I feel better. I am looking forward to adding swimming and the bike into the routine. Where I will find the time….that’s another story….but it will happen! I am a mom of 2 rambunctious boys, 8 & 6, work full time and am going to school part time. Needless to say we stay busy at our house!


Last night Scott and I started week 4 for Couch to 5K over. We had missed one day last week but we felt like it was for the best to start over. I pushed myself a little harder last night and feel great! I haven’t been able to work any extra routines into my day as of yet but I am going to try to find some time somewhere.

We are looking forward to our first 5K on April 9 at Lincoln Parish Park, www.legacyparkofruston.blogspot.com, which benefits a playground for special needs children. My goal for this race is to finish, not to be first. 🙂  We also are seriously thinking about running the Parkinson’s Power 5K in Shreveport on April 16!


I’m ScottC. I’ve known Tonya and Gwen since high school. When I read they were training for a Sprint Triathlon this summer I decided it was time to stop neglecting my body and do something to get into shape.

In my younger days I ran cross-country, played soccer, as well as, several other outdoor activities. In recent years my body has rebelled, and while I’m not that old, the mileage has caught up with me.

My very good friend Tammy has agreed to do the triathlon with me. I am looking forward to the next 6 months of training and accomplishing this goal, especially since I get to do it with friends.

Today’s Training:
I did the 15 Minute to Warrior Fit workout today. It’s a great, quick routine that works all of you major muscle groups, especially your core (my abs are killing me already).

I going to do this program on my non-running days to build overall strength before starting actually triathlon training towards the end of March.

Gwen, sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you get better soon.

Let’s keep going.

River Cities Finish 8/2009

My name is TonyaD and I have a few triathlons (all sprints) under my belt. The first was an indoor triathlon back in May of 2009. I went on to participate in an all women’s triathlon in the following month. The last triathlon I did was the River Cities Tri in August 2009.

I only learned to cycle long distances, other than in childhood, in early 2008. I learned to swim free style in early 2009.

Since it has been a while, I am starting my training at square one. I am also hoping my daughters, age 9 & 6, will work with me – at least on the running.

I will admit to not a lot of time to myself to train but I will dedicate the time to this healthy competition amongst my friends. I believe the motto that “finish lines are addicting”. I’m even more inspired to share this with my friends.

Today’s training:

The first workout of a couch-to-5K training plan with my daughters.

Walked 5 mins at brisk pace, then alternating 60 seconds of running with 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes.

I felt fine. My daughters were worn out. They may not want to participate in this training after all. Oh well…