Today, I did a triathlon.

This morning I did a 30 minute interval workout on the bike (inside on the trainer). Then I went out for a run. This evening after work, I went to the gym to meet a swim coach and swam for 45 minutes.

All 3 disciplines in one day. That counts, right?  😉


After waking this morning, I drank 1/2 a smoothie. This is usually what I have before I run. Then, after the run, I have some sort of protein like an egg sandwich or hard boiled egg with the rest of my smoothie. I don’t know why I thought a 1/2 a smoothie would sustain me today for my first brick workout.

Brick: cycling followed by running.

I thought for certain it’d be no big deal to add 30 more minutes to a morning workout on the same nutrition. Boy was I wrong! By mile 2 of my run, I was done. Kaput. Finito. Bonk.

Note to self: Ya may want to have more food and also? It’s practically boiling outside so you may want to hydrate first too.


On another note, this new swim coach that I met with tonight heads up the aquatics department of my gym. She’s a swim fanatic and lives in a bathing suit 14 hours a day. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was sort of afraid.

I’ve been in a panic about this swim thing for a while now. I’m not sure why I’m so terrified of the open water swim in the tri but I’m going to break it down. I have to push through it. I will get control of this. And my new swim coach is going to make sure of it!

She’s awesome. She’s helping me to improve my newly attempted bi-lateral breathing technique. She’s helping with the form of my stroke – which she said looked great! (Yay!) She’s also very positive and uplifting. (She normally teaches children.) I’m thrilled. I can’t wait to see what improvements I make under her instruction.

I’ve also been invited to an open water swim tomorrow evening on a lake nearby. I skipped out on the last one I mentioned due to pure fear. This time, with a little more pool time under my belt and a hearty “You can do this!” from Kelly my new swim coach, I’m going to do it. How else will I get past the open water panic? How else will I beat that battle and find that muscle memory and zen breathing while swimming? How else will I rock that tri?!

Feel the fear and do it anyway!


This week’s training:

Monday: 2.5 mile run

Tuesday: 25 minutes in the pool, training with props, 600 meters or so

Thursday: 30 min interval training on bike, 2 mile run, 45 minutes in pool, 400 meters or so

Friday: planned open water swim

Saturday: planned bike ride or upper body strength training by kayaking


(What up with my training buddies? How are things going?)


It’s Saturday morning and I should be doing something athletic.

I don’t wanna!!!

This is why I get so envious of the fact that you guys (Tammy & Scott) have each other to motivate for training.


I did, however, just change the tire on my bike for the first time ever. It was a very “YAY ME!” moment because I’ve known how to do it, but have never actually done it. I learned some things. And now my bike is cleaned, pumped and waiting patiently by my back door.

I will go ride. I will.



I also have plans to meet with a triathlon training group tomorrow for an open water swim. Uggggg….. I’m so scared. I haven’t spent enough time in the pool this year to believe I’m ready for open water yet. Because I don’t have anyone to motivate me, there is a devil on my shoulder saying, “You don’t HAVE to go, ya know…”

Oh but I do, don’t I? My goal is to beat my own time, isn’t it? That means I have to go. Period.



I also found this great article with swim tips for beginners.

I hope your training is moving along better than mine. We’re almost there! 2 months to go!


This past week’s training:

2 mile run on Monday

Swimming on Tuesday

3 mile run on Thursday

Strength training/yoga on Thursday night

I wrote this when I first began cycling in 2008. It’s funny to read now so I thought I’d share. 🙂

Saturday, I went out with a friend to attempt my first long bike ride. She thought that our route was at least 20 miles and that I would do great since I’ve been training and/or spinning much more than her. However she’s done a triathlon and I haven’t!  And she flew past me, as I suspected. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t go faster and why it seemed like so much effort. She thought that I needed to get the cycling shoes with clips – like she had. She also fell 2 times… trying to convince me that it was better to have them and yet difficult to get out of when you’re about to fall. Eesh.

The route we took was the service road of the freeway! It was also chilly and windy. Talk about a scary experience for my first time on the road (other than in my neighborhood). I couldn’t tell when there were cars behind me because they were all around me! I felt like I should have a rear-view mirror. (I have one now!) I nearly began hyperventilating going over a bridge. Wow. I was terrified but I learned quite a bit about shifting and what to do if your bike chain comes off.

When we got back home, I mapped out the route on a website called mapmyride and found that it was only 10 miles??!! My friend also noticed that my rear tire was flat.  I took it to the bike shop to have a few adjustments made after our ride. The bike guy informed me both tires were flat. Well, no wonder I struggled! (I know you’re asking , “How could she not notice that?” Quite honestly, I never thought about it. I promise I’m not normally that clueless. It’s a new learning experience for me, there’s an overwhelming amount of things to think about and my brain is already overwhelmed with the rest of my life.)

I bought some shoes with clips at the bike shop. I sat on my bike on a trainer to try them out. VERY WEIRD! I don’t like being trapped like that!

For those unfamiliar, these bike shoes look like regular shoes but they have a clip on the bottom that snaps into the pedals of the bike. Your pedal stroke is stronger because you are actually working when pulling your foot up and pushing it down. I’ve heard it’s more efficient and you work different muscles in your legs rather than being isolated to the quads. When you lose your balance, however, you can’t simply put your foot down. You have to snap your shoe out of the clips. Otherwise, if the bike’s going down, so are you.

Bike guy had me try cycling around the store while clipped on one side of the bike. I fell. Twice. The second time I crashed into the other bikes on the wall. I was sore and humiliated thinking that everyone was laughing at me but instead they all gave me looks of sympathy. Everyone in the store was reassuring me that it was perfectly normal to fall and that I would probably fall more.

Great. Like a metaphor for life: you’re going to fall but you just have to keep on trying.

Keep me in your prayers, my friends.

On June 18, LA Tech is hosting a min Tri. It’s the Dog Paddle, Pedal & Pound Triathlon. When I first heard of it I thought it was for kids only, but in talking to some of the people that are over it, I found out it’s also an adult friendly beginner’s course! So not only am I entering my boys, (6 & 9), I am going to enter it as well. Scott and Conner are planning on entering too!

For the 16 and older (that’s us!) it’s a 200m swim, 5 mile bike & 2K run. What a great way to practice and get our feet wet! (& work on transition times!)

Tonya, if you happen to be over this way that weekend we would love for you to come join us! Gwen, it would be great for you to come over as well! After doing the Rocketchix in Baton Rouge I can honestly say having a tri (even a mini) under your belt before the River Cities Tri gets here would be great! It would be great practice!

Tonight is swim night! We have had 3 lessons and our lovely swim coach is out for the summer…. But even in 3 lessons I have learned SO much! Now to build up endurance in my lungs and become faster. It will come. I just want it NOW! LOL! Scott is doing SO much better, he is working on slowing down a little more and relaxing… which I have suggested yoga (even have a Yoga DVD for athletes) but he is still holding out. If I can get up Thursday morning I hope to go to the class at Tech.

We only ran twice last week. I am still starting out strong but am struggling at the end….and we have officially welcomed the humidity to Ruston. That’s good though because I keep thinking about the Tri in August! Oh my. LOL!

I plan on biking on Wednesday night with a group of girlfriends. We are all different levels but it should be a good ride. We will head down Hwy 167 toward Quitman, LA.

Scott and I are looking at the Insanity nutritional guide, hoping we can start to eat even healthier and not crash in the afternoons. (like right now!) I am waiting on the cleaning fairy and the chef fairy to appear so I can have a clean house and eat healthy meals! 😉 Oh well….it’s nice to dream anyway.

Let’s go team!! We WILL do this! 🙂

As I mentioned in my previous post, my training has slowed down considerably.

I am still keeping up my runs, at least 30 minutes of running each time, twice a week. I’ve spent more time on the bike but not necessarily outside. My last outdoor bike ride was 15 miles along the Red River during the first weekend in May. And my swimming…. well… I haven’t been in the pool in weeks.

I did, however, spend this previous weekend at a yoga retreat.

I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed lately so, quite honestly, triathlon training has been last on my list. I think I fall into this stalemate when I run completely out of motivation and/or when life seems to be running ahead of me. That’s when I really need yoga.

It felt nice to get my Om on amongst the beautiful serenity of East Texas pines.

My body feels stronger. My mind feels more rested.

So this morning, I went out for a run.

Tomorrow, I’ll be swimming again.

And my training schedule will pick up where it left off. Thank you to Tammy for reminding me that our goal is coming up faster than I thought.

I will also be looking into the White Rock Racing schedule for a duathlon (run, bike, run). I’m planning on the Blazing Saddles du for sure! I am also planning on attending an open water swim clinic on Sunday, June 5.

Scott & Tammy, let me know if you’re able to make the brick workout at Cypress on June 11.

Go Team GO!

It’s been a few weeks since I have updated but lots has been going on workout wise!

Swimming lessons are continuing and I am getting much better, although I still have a LONG way to go! Scott has been going to the lessons and trying to build back up after being sick, but during last week’s lesson he popped his shoulder out of place, (Ouch! 😦 ) so he worked on kicking and some breathing exercises. I practiced on Friday night and feel like I am getting a little stronger with each stroke. I was able to swim 10 laps! (With rests in between each 50 meters) I hope to be able to swim at least 5 laps without stopping soon…..and build up from there. I am looking forward to tonight’s swim where my goal is to swim 2 laps without stopping. Wish me luck.

Yesterday, Scott and I met some friends in Monroe and went on a 26.4 mile ride. We burned 1300 calories! I was certainly pumped about that! 😀 I LOVE my bike! My bum is just a little sore today along with my shoulders, but my knees were killing me late last night. Nothing a little Advil won’t take care of!

We learned a lot tho…..

1) Take cash in case you stop at a gas station for snacks

2) Get another small pouch to put on the bike to take snacks

3) Have TWO water bottles on the bike

4) Wear Bike Gloves

5) Maybe take some Advil BEFORE the long ride (In Scott’s case anyway hehe)

It was fun riding with others that have been riding for a while and getting pointers from them. Cindy and Carolyn went up to Benton and rode the route we will ride for the Tri. I want to get out there soon and ride it as well. Tonya, let us know when you are coming in and maybe we can come ride with you! I look forward to riding again soon! I hope to be able to ride again next Wednesday and next Saturday (maybe Sunday too).

My avg. speed was 12.6, so much work is needed, but it was still great to get out there and ride! I think I am getting the hang of putting my feet into the cages as well.

I will let Scott blog about his first long bike ride. He is quite entertaining in telling the story!

As for the running, I have started Couch 2 5K over in week 4. I am starting out stronger and faster but as the second half rolls around I tend to slow down a good bit. I have been reading Running magazine and it has helped so much with my form and in turn my breathing.

Hope to hear how your training is going! Only 12 more weeks till the big day!

On Sunday May 1, 2011 I became a Tri Athlete! It was a wonderful experience! One I can’t wait to repeat! It was the all-girl  Rocketchix Tri in Baton Rouge on the LSU campus. It was a 350 meter swim, 5 mile bike, 2 mile run. It was originally a 12 mile bike ride but due to the Mississippi River rising to almost historical records and some of the levy’s leaking they had to cut the bike ride down to 5 miles. (at the end I was good with this 😉 ) You can see the results here,

My time was 1:01:22. I was 23rd in my age group & 158th overall.

Swim: 12:30.53 (3:34 sec/100m) T1: 1:59.77 Bike: 21:56.00 (13.7mph)

T2: 1:04.22 Run: 23:51 (11:55mph)

We started out with a 350 meter swim at the natatorium. It was a self-seeding race and 2 out of the 5 in our group and I placed ourselves at the back of the 10 minute group. I should have gone to the 12 minute group. We were in line almost an hour before we got into the pool. Once I was able to jump in the freezing water I had about 20 seconds before I started my time. I couldn’t catch my breath; I panicked and looked like a flounder in the water. I was SO mad at myself! I couldn’t get in a rhythm until the last two laps. When I finally calmed down I was able to swim the last two laps. Scott and Crystal were at the end of the pool trying to tell me to calm down….but it wasn’t working….I was NOT a happy camper. Needless to say, I have a lot of work to do. Thankfully, Scott and I start swimming lessons on Wednesday night.

After getting out of the pool, I ran to the Transition Area, put on my socks (complete with grass on my feet and one sock was on sideways), geared up and headed out to the mount line. This was the second time I had been on my bike since I got it. I LOVED the bike ride! I passed up quite a few ladies and rocked the bike ride! I still have a lot of work to do with the biking! Tonya, I love your idea to meet up with the Tri Club in Shreveport when they aren’t racing!

I didn’t wreck coming into the dismount line! Yea! (I have heard horror stories about the mount and dismount line!) I ran my bike into the transition area, racked my bike up and headed out to the run. By this time I was wearing down. I tried to run but ended up walking, running, walking running, all the while trying to catch my breath. I was constantly wheezing. Near the end, I got into a slow rhythm and jogged in….at least ¼ of a mile. Sheila Taormina, was near the finish line, high fiving everyone as they passed by. She had been in Baton Rouge during the week hosting swim clinics.

I just jogged across the finish line…it was all I could do….but I did it! I wanted to cry when I finished….it was so very emotional to finish the race!! My goal was to finish this race….now my goal it to get MUCH better. I am glad I did this Tri before the River Cities Tri. It was a wonderful experience.

There were 5 that went down for the Tri. Katy came in 3rd in her age group, 16th overall; she has done 2 Tri’s this year and is taking a Tri class at ULM. Kalee came in 6th in her age group, 36 overall in the Fat Tire division, and she had only been in the pool once! Oh to be young again….. Cindy came in 9th in her age group, 170th overall, and she hasn’t been in the pool in 3 years and she is a cyclist. I came in 23rd in my group and 158th overall. I want to do MUCH better next time.

I am SO pumped!! Let’s do this!