Well…we are going to see how long we last in the saddle. It’s 97* with a heat index of 110*. It will be our first ride since the Bulldog Tri. We are going to ride with a new group tonight and it’s a No Rider Left Behind ride! I will need that! (hehe) Hopefully it will start to go down in the next 45 minutes. That’s a big HOPE! Scott thinks his helmet warped in the car! Oops! I am seriously hoping for a cool front to come through on Aug 6 weekend.

It’s been super crazy this summer. I thought I would slow down just a tad but that hasn’t happened yet. Scott nor I have ran in weeks. We have walked a good bit (in Seattle, that counts, right?) and I moved from a town house to a little house last weekend, so maybe that will count too? The last time we swam, I actually did better than ever, but I am not up to 800 meters yet. I still want to try the tri tho. I may be last (seriously) but I hope we can do it.

Ok, off to ride down Hwy 167! Thinking positive! We CAN do this!