Last Saturday Scott and I completed our first 5K! Now, it was not your normal 5K……, it was a Cross Country 5K. The terrain was brutal but we finished it! We both came in at 40:?? (I could only see 40 minutes as I panted past the time clock). If it hadn’t been for the rough terrain (causing leg cramps) Scott would have finished way ahead of me. We finished 59th & 60th but we weren’t the last to finish! (thankfully). It was good for both of us to see where we are and how much farther we need to go before August 7th! We both hope to improve our time this week at the Parkinson’s Power 5K with Tonya!

We also started swimming this week. WOW. What a workout!

Now to learn a new way to breathe…and just when I was getting my breathing down for running!

We swam 5 – 30m laps with a little rest in between. I have no idea how I am going to swim a 1/2 mile in open water. I was exhausted on the last (few) laps! I was also all over the pool (having broke the strap on my goggles before getting in the pool I was swimming blind) and ran into Scott a few times. Opps!

We are swimming again tonight and will be working on kicking and breathing. I discovered just how uncoordinated I am!

Last night I took my boys to the park and finished week 7 day 3 of Couch to 5K. I was slow but I ran the entire 25 minutes (not sure of the distance) with out stopping! I was SO excited and amazed that I could do that. C25K really does work! It was mostly a flat run but hills will be added on Thursday night’s run, so we will see how it goes then.

Biking is the next step. A neighbor let Scott borrow his bike this week and we are thinking about riding in The Tour of Piney Hills, 10 mile ride on May 7th. I am looking forward to biking. I do believe it will be my favorite out of everything.