So far this year, I’ve really only focused on running. Running is not my favorite part of a triathlon. Ok, I like that it’s the last discipline before the finish line – I’ll give it that. However since doing the Couch to 5K program, I have been very happy with my progress. I’m looking forward to my first 5K of the season next weekend.

In the meanwhile, I’ve decided to set my finish time goal even higher. I found my race results from the last time I did the River Cities tri:

1/2 mile swim: 34:47  (pace 4:21)
First transition : 3:28
18 mile bike: 1:12:20 (pace 15.4)
T2 (second transition): 3:22
3.2 mile run: 34:44 (pace 11:13)
For a total triathlon finish time of: 2:28:39

I hope to kick up my running pace to knock off some time there. (I’m looking into a new running method that’s more efficient.)

I can certainly pick up my bike pace.

And I definitely intend to be able to swim better, calmer and therefore faster by then. I was swimming 1/2 mile in the pool in 22 minutes that year. It was the state of freak-out that caused my swim to be so slow during the actual tri. (Hundreds of people swimming on top of/around you. *shudder*)


As mentioned in my previous post, I joined the gym again this week to have access to a pool and swim coach. I will be in the pool, more than likely, on Friday evening to see if I can get in a few laps. I really don’t want to start with a coach without having been in at least once to assess what needs fixed.

Also, on Saturday, I am going cycling with some friends of mine. These are the guys that I usually train with and participate in the Bike MS: Sams Club 160 mile bike ride. They’re all training to ride 80 miles a day. I haven’t been on my bike in months! Yikes! (I will not be riding the Sams Club this year.) They claim to have not been training and will be as slow as I will be. We’ll see about that. The plan is to ride 35 – 40 miles. In any other year, that’d be a no-biggie for me. But since I’ve not been really on the bike, I’m sure it’ll be a great challenge.

Which leads me to consider what my training plan will be until our triathlon. This is a plan, and hopefully a good one, that I intend to adhere to for the next 4 months.

Note: You can also log on and create a great custom plan with suggestions and distances on

Monday – light yoga, bike (indoor trainer or spin class)

Tuesday – swim

Wednesday – run, yoga class

Thursday – swim

Friday – run, yoga class

Saturday – bike outdoors, light yoga

Sunday – rest/recovery

Beginner Triathlete also recommends gradually increasing your time in each discipline for a few weeks and then slowing things down for a recovery week. I’m going to see if any of what I’m learning and observing helps me to meet a better triathlon finish. The woman who finished first in my age category that year had a finish time of 1:31. Perhaps I can hit…. 2:15 or better?

The triathlon is 4 months away. Let’s do this thing!